Adventures through the looking glass and out into the big wide world


If I sampled it I don’t remember. If I took the speed train there I missed the stop. Because it’s gone Well gone at least, from here Where I have … Continue reading

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Mantra for today

I must remind myself not to revel in the tenseness of shoulders In the stress my body can’t hide I must remind myself that there are other ways to achieve … Continue reading

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He squints And tries to set his gaze Upon the scene But sordid haze And darkness, Only darkness stays Will not permit Sun’s shining rays. “For I can’t see, Can’t … Continue reading

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The state of being Not Nearly Here Where I have been These twelve nights long This place I find me Baffles me and them Envelops me in a faulty suit … Continue reading

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Contemplation of a wire file holder

No – discard, I say. Everything you can’t leave behind Is all you’ll take forth And plunder new horizons For meaning Outside the wire Oh harshest critic Take not I … Continue reading

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Poetry inspired by a receptionist

Looking for homes in trays Foot rest Wire file holder World is cold Workplace, colder Hope Fading Wire items drown In dreams Of elders And waste not Wanted Clogs Our … Continue reading

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Soul sisters

Sunlight flickers through the trees Painting dancers on the green grass We meander Forgetting the time Talking to each other’s souls While saying nothing I’m at home With you this lifetime … Continue reading

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A day of rain

Those drownéd rats in red galoshes traipse streams through rushes of heaven’s excrement and mutter grievances unacknowledged beneath the gale that penetrates their layers of fine merino. While we, enveloped … Continue reading

April 21, 2015 · 2 Comments

I danced my feet along the path 

I danced my feet along the path I swung my hips, I sauntered softly Gently through the evening air Pretending you were there   I imagined we approached each other Imagined that you … Continue reading

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April fool

I’m an April fool Because I loved you  When all you needed was A friend … I’m an April fool Because I bought it … I’m an April fool Because … Continue reading

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