Adventures through the looking glass and out into the big wide world

Worry Dolls

She lets her worries fall to the wind like
Sausages rolling on a greased barbecue tray
Squelchy and fat and juicy
And languishing
In oil.

She combs her cares
From her frowning forehead
Casting off thoughts that would sink her
But they do not go far
Clinging to their safety in numbers
And they gang up on the girl
When she least expects it.

She hides her sorrows
In sighs and nervous laughter
And smiles at strangers that are
Quickly replaced with a stricken expression
When no one’s watching

She hopes the little game she’s playing
Is fooling them
But everyone knows her secret
Because it’s written all over

From her twitching eyelids
To her shaking hands
And I wonder
How her insides must be feeling.


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