Adventures through the looking glass and out into the big wide world

On Hardware Lane

I love
sitting at the rooftop bars
drinking pinot noir and
assessing the skyline
from my astro-turfed
slice of heaven.

I love
the way it’s warm when
15 degrees tips the barometer
and jackets are no longer
a must.

I love
that my personal driver
delivers me almost
to my door
at eight minute

I love
that I can talk
to random strangers
in this town.

I’m never going

To be honest
I’m not sure I even remember
home was.


2 comments on “On Hardware Lane

  1. Andrew Whalan
    August 27, 2015

    Love it Jo. I’m not going home either. That’s Melbourne for me too.

  2. jojoinwonderland
    August 27, 2015

    Aw thanks Andrew. Sure there will be plenty more love letters to Melbourne in the works!! The whole world should move here 🙂

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