Adventures through the looking glass and out into the big wide world

Song for Sydney

Today I missed my old home town
Missed its sparkling waters, gleaming sunshine
Pristine edges and grander styles
And terrace houses raked along the shoreline

I missed the way the sun glints
And covers all in kodachrome
And dazzles and defines
And makes life larger than.

I missed my ferry ride
Missed floating by the bridge
That bridge, built a whole century ago
And documented in gallery pastels
Shading the shantytown
That now houses bars and
The walk I knew so well.

I missed the greens and blues that shone
And made me feel at home
And at one

I missed the glimmering brilliance
Of a thousand reflected glows
And the owls that sit in trees
Watching over us, in their waking hours
And the way the water laps at shore
And soothes the sorest nerves
And the rocks that slope down
To the sea.

Today I missed Sydney
My heart it broke for Sydney
But also, a little
For you.


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