Adventures through the looking glass and out into the big wide world

Heart Beat on Mt Wellington

A man told me once
That I had the perfect heart beat
I’d never even thought about it
I didn’t have to

It just ticked on and on
Inside my chest
And clocked up my years
Without a care
Or a hissy fit

Today I noticed it
On the climb
Felt it rise when I rose
And slow when I stopped

When I breathed deeply
Catching rest
It rainbowed
In my chest

When I looked out
From four thousand feet
And lingered longer
For the break and the view
I thought of that man
Who envied my heart’s perfect beat

If he were here today
I might press him
On a matter or two

What good is my heart
Beating in time
Never missing a step

What good is my heart
If it cannot feel
For his?


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